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HEFEL Bio Hemp quilt

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  • All-year quilt

  • Filling: 70% hemp / 30% organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation

  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation

  • HEFEL Bodyfit quilting

  • Fabric certified to meet GOTS standards – CU 811099

  • 30°C wool wash cycle, air dry

The HEFEL Bio Hemp quilt impresses with its excellent ability to store warmth and its strong environmental track record. The hemp filling owes its warming characteristics to the air-trapping hollow fibres, making hemp the warmest of all plant fibres. Hemp is an ecologically valuable crop and extremely environmentally-friendly to cultivate. No pesticides are required to grow it, it does not need much water and yields are very high.

The HEFEL Bio Hemp comforter is also 100% vegan. And not only that - the Bio Hemp comforters provide a real alternative to synthetic fillings for those allergic to animal hair and dust mites.

In 2019 the HEFEL Bio Hemp quilt has been awarded the "Austria Product of the Year 2019" prize in the bedding products category.



Organic Cotton is defined as cotton derived from 100% certified organic agriculture ("coa"). The cotton is grown using controlled agricultural methods that comply with strict regulations and is picked by hand. Organic Cotton producers guarantee that minimum social standards are met, that wages are adequate and working conditions are socially acceptable.

Pesticides and artificial fertilisers are completely avoided. The cotton is not pretreated with chlorine compounds, optical brighteners or chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds. Every stage of production, from cultivation to the finished quilt, is controlled as 100% organic.