• Flex - pojedyncza zakładka
  • Flex - pojedyncza zakładka od tyłu
  • Flex - pojedyncza zakładka
  • Flex - podwójna zakładka
  • Flex - podwójna zakładka
  • Flex - podwójna zakładka od tyłu

Curtains FLEX

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We would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of curtains.

The FLEX type system means small plastic hooks placed on a runner, which is permanently sewn into a curtain, at equal distances from each other. By moving the hook in the runner, you can adjust the length of the curtain up to 7 cm/2,76 in. The FLEX system is suitable for both voiles and curtains. Its additional advantage is the possibility of hanging curtains on various types of curtain rods.

FLEX combined with linen fabrics (eg. Malta 190) is an original decorative element of the interior and excellent protection against the sunlight and outside gazes. Moreover, linen is a natural, healthy and ecological fabric that does not attract dust. This is extremely important in case of people suffering from asthma and allergies.

FLEX curtains are made to order. Customers can choose the fabric and shirring method by themselves.

Customers' satisfaction is crucial for us so we truly encourage you to contact us to arrange a meeting at which we will discuss and agree together all the details regarding your new curtains.


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